Concession at CHS today, Dress Rehearsal Tomorrow

We are going to be at CHS and have a lot off good food items and drinks to offer. I will need someone to help pick up ice. Any help is appreciated. We will be going over at 7:30 in the morning to start set up. Many thanks to Cheryl Brown for helping with the prep for concession stand and also to Sarah Baxter for the great help she gave in helping us get the pictures ready for the program and slideshow. What a great group of parents we have — all very talented and dedicated to helping their kids succeed! Thank you for supporting YOL with your time and talents.

If you have time, please come by CHS today and help with the concession, or just drop by to get a snack to show your support — every sale counts!

Remember rehearsal tomorrow — no one should miss this or any rehearsal from here on out. Please look at your email for more information.