Youth Orchestras of Lubbock

A 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization

Our mission is to provide an exceptional music education experience to the members of the orchestras; provide artistic performances that enrich the lives of developing musicians, our community, and our region; and to work cooperatively with public and private schools, and independent music teachers in a continuing effort to provide musical development for youth.



As a community youth organization we strive to:

  • Make organizational decisions in a transparent and professional manner.
  • Establish a justifiable and transparent fee and fundraising structure.
  • Have tuition fees be affordable for a maximum number of families.
  • Enjoy the freedom to grow where appropriate and mature artistically.
  • Have the ability to solicit its own donations and sponsorships.
  • Feature significant parental control/involvement in the following areas:

                1. Have a majority of the Board comprised of parents or guardians of the current orchestras’ students.

                2. Host biannual parent meetings with full Board present, at which financials will be disclosed to the fullest extent possible, and with the agenda set in whole or part by parent input.

                3. A majority of the Nominating Committee for Board positions comprised of parents.

                4. Regular formal and/or informal communication with parents from the Board Vice President