Youth Orchestras of Lubbock has a need for parents and community volunteers to serve on our board. One of the biggest jobs for YOL’s board is to facilitate the raising of funding for YOL through grants, advertising, and personal donations. The board currently meets once a month, works on policies and supports the Program Director and Artistic Staff in planning and executing the programs of YOL. YOL’s board has several committees; each committee is chaired by a board member, but non-board members are encouraged to serve on them.  

YOL also benefits from parents and community volunteers who help with such activities as transporting equipment and stands to events and audition logistics. At the forefront of these volunteers are the Orchestra Managers. The Managers commit to assisting with setup and rehearsal logistics throughout the entire YOL season, and they are eligible for tuition scholarships for their YOL student(s).

If you are interested in volunteering to help YOL in any of these ways, please contact info@YouthOrchestrasofLubbock.org.